We invite you to listen to these podcasts to learn more about OCAN's history and purposes.

Ancient Faith Presents podcast (May 16, 2024)
OCAN Exec. Dir. Ken Liu is interviewed by Ancient Faith Ministries' Bobby Maddex about OCAN's newly revamped mission and plans. 


Stewardship Calling podcast (September 4, 2019)
- On the first episode of a multi-part series on "Living Your Calling," host Bill Marianes interviews Matthew Namee and Joan Berg, two Orthodox attorneys who have used their God-given skills to serve His Church.


OCAN Conference 2019 – Ancient Faith Ministries podcast (August 27, 2019) 
- Bobby Maddex interviews Joan Berg, co-chair of the 2019 Orthodox Christian Attorney Conference, in Chicago, Illinois. 


Orthodox Christian Attorney Network - Ancient Faith Ministries podcast (June 26, 2018)
- Monica Yousef is Co-Chair of the Orthodox Christian Attorney Network. She speaks with Ancient Faith Ministries about its 2018 Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida.


A Gathering of Orthodox Attorneys – Ancient Faith Ministries podcast (August 24, 2017)
- Ken Liu speaks with Ancient Faith Ministries about the gathering of Orthodox attorneys in conjunction with the 2017 Christian Legal Society Conference in Newport Beach, California.


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