Churches: Beware of Copyright Trolls - 07/10/24

A well-meaning volunteer finds a photo of happy volunteers on the web to accompany the priest’s article on service to others.  The article is posted on the church website to edify the faithful. Three years later, the church receives a cease and desist letter from the law firm of Soo & Kollect demanding $1,000 for copyright infringement for use of the photo. Sound outrageous? Yes, but unfortunately this scenario is all too common today, including among Orthodox churches.  What can churches do to protect themselves?

What’s in a name?  - 07/09/24

As Orthodox Christians, names mean something to us.  As attorneys, definitions matter. What about our name, “Orthodox Christian Attorneys Network”? What do each of the words mean and how do they relate to each other?  What do they reveal about who we are?

Integrating our Faith in our Profession - 06/17/24

It’s summer and our social calendars have exploded with activity. Our caseload remains high and the occasional emergency appears to be occurring every week. The one constant thread, our Orthodox faith, remains steady. However, the frequency of the clashing demands for our time seems to be increasing.

As Orthodox Christians, we have an opportunity to integrate our faith, our family life and our professional work, as well as our volunteer work, in fostering spiritual growth and witness . . . 

The Practice of Law as Ascetic Struggle - 05/17/24

The legal career is not exactly the most conducive to a life of prayer, reflection, and holiness. The billable hour can be tyrannical. Interacting with opposing counsel can be combative and anxiety-inducing. The track to partnership can be a rat race. And the law firm culture is, as they say, a jealous mistress. . .

Orthodox Canon Law Society Welcomes OCAN Attorneys - 05/01/24

The Orthodox Canon Law Society of North America (OCLS) welcomes OCAN attorneys to attend and present at their 2024 conference on October 18–19, 2024 at Holy Cross School of Theology.  OCLS especially welcomes presentations from attorneys on topics involving civil law and its impact on the Church.

Orthodox Christian Attorney Network Launches New Stage of Ministry - 04/18/24

The Orthodox Christian Attorney Network (OCAN) is pleased to announce its establishment as a formal nonprofit corporation, marking a significant milestone in its journey to minister to Orthodox attorneys and serve the Orthodox Church at large.

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